Train for any purpose at any level

Strength Training

Strength training is a frequently used training method for better health and for enhancing physical performance. The advantages of strength training include:

  • You will gain strength
  • You will have stronger bones and the likelihood of bone fractures will decrease
  • Your body will get toned and in shape
  • You will lose fat mass quicker – the more muscle mass you gain, the more calories you burn, even whilst sitting behind your desk!

Endurance Training

Cardiovascular training, also known as “cardio”, plays a crucial role in determining your degree of health and your perception of it. Studies show that people with a better cardiovascular condition have more energy and live longer.

The heart and the lungs are two important organs  within the body’s cardiovascular system. With every exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you short of breath, you are working on enhancing your cardiovascular health.

Weight Loss

Unfortunately, crash diets only have temporary effects. This is why at Personal Training at Houtrust we focus entirely on effective lifestyle change to ensure long-term results. A lasting routine will give you rhythm and balance in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Rehabilitation Training

You can work out with medical trainers at Personal Training at Houtrust to compliment and potentially replace the treatment you receive with your physiotherapist. Our medical trainers focus on you and your ailments for one full hour in each session to ensure optimal recovery.

Performance Training

Harder! Higher! Further!

Sports specific training is for athletes who work with a focus towards their ultimate performance. We work with KEISER performance machines; the best in the field of sports. Functional training is the basis for our performance training: “The sky is the limit!”


Military Fit

As a former sports instructor with the Dutch Marine Corps for a period of 10 years, Gino Pasutto is uniquely positioned to know exactly what it takes to be truly fit enough for military fitness tests and to make it in the military forces including the marines, commandos, airforce, army and navy. Do you want to have an edge over the rest? Then get in shape with your own drill instructor!